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Curious soul from up north in Argentina, close to El Impenetrable in Chaco. Not until I was in college I became aware of the drum set and its powers. Soon moved to Buenos Aires with my friends and bandmates of Ojo Iman. Beautiful stories with music in the shoes...Plaza Serrano in Palermo and the cobblestone street heard most of the early experiments with Javier Lozano Trio and Trio Del Futuro. The beast Papas Negra was just opening its eyes when life took me to New York. Exciting times but probably a lil less romantic and more ambitious. Jazz clubs, sex and rock and roll with Quickly Quietly. My new family Jarana Beat. 

The latin electronic scene became strong and full of new bands, I couldn't be left out and formed Darling Del Oeste, later Los Cumpleaños and Fuerza Bruta that helped me understand the world of visual experience. 

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